The Media fabricated negative news against Mrs Deya and her husband Archbishop Deya in 2004 that led to the arrest and illegal conviction of Mrs Deya. The false arrest and conviction was later ruled by the high court judge that, it was framed to make the Archbishop and his wife to look bad.

Mary and her husband Deya were innocent. The court of law has found her not guilty and all the charges against her were acquitted and discharged. Now they are free. The Archbishop, who has been battling with the extradition to Kenya case is still in UK, mightily used by God and he is still forecasting in the vision of his mission in the UK, preaching good news of our Lord Jesus Christ with miracle signs and wonders as Jesus commissioned in the book of Mark 15; 16.
Archbishop said, the power of our Lord Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever and through His loving kindness, He sacrificed his life on the cross and we are saved and by his stripes we are healed. Therefore, we invite anyone who is in need to join us in our ministration of salvation, healing, miracle, signs and wonders in Jesus name. Johnson said he was a former District Commissioner in the Republic of Uganda, came to the UK as a refugee, and was suffering from witchcraft spells, which he believed was sent to destroy him because, he was a threat to the regime in power in his home country Uganda.

Mr Johnson said that the torment was so depraved that he used to hear the sound of a moving train in his ears, it was like a train in his head.“I have had sleepless nights,” he said, “but one blessed day I watched TV programs of Archbishop Deya and went to the church, and became committed to Gilbert Deya ministry’s deliverance service. I received my deliverance and was set free in Jesus name. I am now enjoying freedom and am ordained minister casting demons out of people. What a mighty God we serve! Please join us and be set free in Jesus name.

GDM’s anointed minsters of pastors are offering effective one to prayer and deliverance and discussions on personal matters. You can visit us at anytime 24/7 and there will be someone waiting to see or talk to you.
Join our worship and be inspired learn more about the realty of the bible and knowledgeable with the truth and surely you have to be free and make others to learn the truth and be free.